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Parquet floors showroom

Design & Construction Supervision: Efi Karyoti

Location: Thessaloniki

Client: Xanthi Parquets

Construction: 2015

Size: 240m2

3d Designs - Digital Architecture

Wooden Constructions - Kleanthis Xaideytos

Lighting: BRIGHT Special Lighting

The shop features a relatively small sized street front and an extended side glass front overlooking an alley leading to the entrance of the apartment building. A key issue was to give the proper emphasis on the street façade given that the shops next door feature oversized signboards placed high above. After viewing several proposals, the idea that prevailed was a full height, yet discreet, metal structure to represent the company’s logo (a tree), complete with lighting to act as a sign.

The general outline for the interior was to create a retail space that would feel homy and have an informal feel.  it was decided to have a large bespoke table in the centre of the space to sit with clients and view samples and have all wooden products organised in a curved wooden stand stretching along the shops’ side glass front. The stand featuring a low cabinet and rotating venetian blinds to place samples, offers a real-life catalogue to help clients easily view and compare samples. At the same time, it creates an intermediate filter between the interior space and the glazing overlooking the side alley. The blinds mediate the flow of natural daylight and create a screen between inside and the outside.

The new staircase sets an example of state of the art wood layering.  Lighting design features downlights arranged along 2 curved lines on the ceiling to provide ambient lighting and a wall mounted led lighting structure (Tree Lighting) to provide supplementary mood lighting.

For the basement exhibition, bespoke metal stands were designed for the placement of full length wooden boards.



Yannis Psathas: 1.,2.,7.,8.,9.,10.,11.,12.,13.,16.,17.

Efi Karyoti:  4.,14

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