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Steel frame residence

Design & Construction Supervision: Efi Karyoti

Location: Pylaia, Thessaloniki

Construction: 2004-2007

Size: 400m2

Civil Engineering Design: Iakovos Lavassas & Partners

Civil Engineering Construction Supervision: Dimitrios Dimitriadis

Mechanical Engineering Design: Alteren, T.Theodosoudis

Lighting: Michael Gkourogiannis

Architectural Councelling: Aris Georgiou, Eleni Tsitsimpikou

Landscaping : Christa Lieven Antoniou


Project Presentation of Steel Frame Residence at Astiko Topio TV show for Architecture:


ek magazine

ktirio magazine



A urban residence situated in Thessaloniki’s northern suburbia, combining house and office spaces. The building features exposed steel frame complemented by partly prefabricated concrete panels and timber drywall.  The articulation of spaces promotes continuity and flow between floors and volumes. The arrangement is straightforward; all main spaces are arranged along the east-west axis to benefit from south orientation while the staircase stretches along north – south axis. Key space is the ground floor covered south oriented patio into which all main spaces either overlook or directly communicate with. 


A Case Study Building        Steel structure was chosen for durability, lightness of form and construction speed. A set of two different wall systems was introduced that allowed flexibility in construction; heavier concrete panels were combined with steel bracing to enhance rigidity, whereas lightweight 230mm insulated wooden panels where utilized in all other cases. Concrete panel surfaces and composite slabs provide thermal mass indoors. Externally, concrete panels are met primarily in the south and west elevation which receive more intense sunlight while the east and north elevations are primarily clad in wood. Poured in molds lined with wooden planks, concrete surfaces bear the texture of wood and match the wooden planks used in paneling. Wood and concrete are thus interconnected in a subtle aesthetic play. Wall paneling is colored in weathered tones το match wood’s natural aging. 


Passive house approach - Health & Comfort 

Passive approach was kept straightforward ensuring the maximum utilization of solar gains through south facing glazing, the use of solar panels for hot water and natural ventilation to provide fresh air indoors and mediate heat loads. Insulation width was doubled in comparison to the minimum building regulation requirements. Insulation and dry lining materials had low presence of chemical compounds to ensure good indoor air quality.


The Garden:

Designed in collaboration with Christa Lieven (botanologist)

The open space features the main driveway, a swimming pool situated in front of the house and two play areas; a prototype steel and wood outdoor play complex on a gravel courtyard dividing the south part of the garden in two distinctive zones, and a 19X9 m basketball court at the back of the house. The garden is thus divided in 5 distinct areas depending on orientation, insolation and wind exposure.

The main synthesis guideline was to avoid water and maintenance intense planting and create a contemporary energy conscious garden that is respectful of the place and climate.

Furthermore, create a garden that would reflect the change of seasons and complement the building aesthetics. Selection of plants came from the international Mediterranean climate palette. Around the specific lot there are rather dense formations of pine trees. However, the lot itself, a former pasture, did not feature any pines. The existing almond and wild pear trees were kept as basis for a productive garden situated in the north and east part of the lot that was enriched with, nut shrubs, vegetables and fruit trees. The south part of the garden features the main flower meadows with perennial grasses and the western part of the lot is planted with hardy Mediterranean aromatic shrubs that withstand the summer heat. The configuration reflects the functional rationale that formed the house design as well.



Erieta Attali (,13.)

Yannis Psathas (8.9.10)

Stereosis- Angelos Zymaras  (2.)

Efi Karyoti (14.,15.,16.,17.,18.,19.,20.)

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