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Mountain Cabin

Design - Construction Supervision:  Efi Karyoti

Year: 2014-2015

Location: Skaloti, Elatia Forest - Drama    

Area: 153m2

Civil Engineering Design: Costis Chatzopoulos, Remode




The client was brought up in a characteristic Sarakatsanoi settlement in the area and wanted to build a mountain retreat in the same area. The new residence design attempts to recreate the sense of common space that was so characteristic of this way of life. Τhe fireplace , kitchen and small dining space were placed  in the center of the plan in the same manner that the central fire became the centre of family life in the vernacular Sarakatsanoi hut. This effort attempts to bring the social life in the epicenter of the habitation of the house.

Photos: E. Karyoti

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