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House in olive grove


Design:  Mary Skouloudi 

Location: Ierapetra, East Crete

Design of a small house with basement.
It is studied for a family of four, in a rural area overgrown with olives in the plain of Ierapetra.

The house is composed of three zones, the living area, the private bedroom area, and the study on the upper low-ceiling level.

The north side is protected from the winds by an impenetrable wall at the height of the ground floor, which also protects the landscaped terraces of the house to the east and west. These two verandaw are shaded by wooden pergolas.

The south facade of the bedrooms is shaded by a covered corridor 'gallery'.
The openings are designed so that the interior is ‘integrated’ with the surrounding space. The main living area is  a 'see through' enclosure on two levels. The oppenings are so placed as to create visually transparent axes through the building, parallel to the east-west axis.

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