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Family House

Architecural design: ISV Architects

Project supervisor: Dimitris Panayotou

Structural Engineering: Kostas Liontos & Associates

Electromechanical Engineering: TEAS SA

Construction: ISV Construct

Construction Supervisors: Jason Kavallinis Architect Msc, Mary Skouloudi Architect MSc

Detailed Architectural design team: Katerina Psarra  Architect MSc, Kosta Vavoulas Architect MSc

Electromechanical Engineering installation: TEAS SA

Electromechanical engineering constructio supervisor: D. Christakis, Mechanical Engineer

Landscape design: Greenways - Chanikian - Skordilis EPE

Photos: Anargyros Mougiakos

The house is situated in a quiet urban area on the foot of Penteli mountain. The building volumes are arranged around a central courtyard orientated to the south. On the ground floor lie all the commοn rooms having direct access to the outdoors. The first floor accomodates the bedrooms and a living room which is connected to a spacious veranda. The design is characterized by its "clean" geometrical forms. 

Materiality is characterised by the extensive use of bush hammered concrete and whitewashed surfaces,  large openings and translucent balustrades that allow abundance of light in all spaces, stainless steel trellis to ensure privacy. Pietra Serena slabs and wood is used on the floors, while wood lining is also applied in the interior finishes.  

The project is published in VILLAS magazine

and may be seen on ISV official site:





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