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Blue House

Design - Construction Supervision:  Mary Skouloudi

Design: 2003

Architectural study of a two-house building and an underground garage, Gerakas, Attica

The building was designed on a relatively small plot with two free faces on adjacent streets looking northeast and northwest.

It is a three-storey residencial building, designed to provide two living units and an underground space for garage and auxiliary facilities. It was commisioned by a man in his 30's who wished to live on the mezzanine on 1st and 2nd floor. The ground floor flat was to be rented out. 

The facades have mixed-orientations NE, SW, and NW. The sizes of the openings were shaped according to the orientation of the facades they belong to. Emphasis is placed on the thermal insulation of opaque and transparent elements of the building.

The architectural proposal aimed at creating two comfortable houses on a small urban plot, providing for them both access to openair spaces, views out in every direction, and natural light for each one of the rooms. In order to achieve the aforesaid intentions, the volume of the building is being detached from the adjacent plot to the southwest.




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