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Production Building  

Client: EKME SA 

Design & Construction supervision:  Efi Karyoti                    

Location: Thessaloniki

Construction: 2019

Size: 1440m2

Project Management: Kostas Barbas, Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering Design: Costis Hatzopoulos, Civil Engineer, Remode

HVAC Systems, Lighting, Mechanical Ventilation Design: Vasilis Argyropoulos; Mechanical Engineer,

3D Design: Digital Architecture

Civil Works: Chatzigiannids

Steel structure: METEKO


The production building "Montaz C" offers 1440m2 of additional working space in the Thessaloniki industrial premises of the Construction Contractor Company EKME SA. With total height of 14.0m, the building is purposed for the fabrication of large vessels (up to 8,5m diameter). It is equipped with two 40tn and one 10ton bridge cranes and has a sloping floor to accomodate elevation differences along its E-W axis.

Natural ventilation is achieved through roof openings and enhanced by 8 roof fans.

Photos: Efi Karyoti

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