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Apartments' reconstruction

Design:  Mary Skouloudi


Architectural study of a 4-storey private residential building, Chaidari, Attica

The building is located within the urban fabric, in an area with low-rise buildings and detached houses. By choice, the facades are 'harmonized' with those of the neighborhood buildings, while their materials are simple (wood, metal and plaster finishes).

It is comprised of an independent 1st Floor Apartment and a Maisonette on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

The architectural proposal took into account and preserved the pre-existing reinforced concrete bearing structure.


The Maisonette on the upper floors opens up to a teracce on the 3rd floor, an outdoor space protected by a pergola for climbing plants. The first floor apartment opens up to a South and a North balcony. One of the main concerns is to provide natural light for all interior spaces. Openings to the south are larger to those on the north elevation and the west openings are the smallest of all.


The south openings are protected from unwanted solar gains in summer, by vertical translucent awnings, while for the same reason the west openings are well shaded by horizontal mobile external louvers.


The minimal greenery of the neighborhood is enhanced by the planting of the plot with trees and low vegetation. Plants were to be selected from endemic flora species of Attica.

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