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Two storey house with greenhouse

Design:  "A. Bobou - Arachovitou, G. Arachovitis & Associates "

Bioclimatic Design Consultant:  Mary Skouloudi


Design: 2002

Construction: 2006

Pikermi - Attica

The architectural proposal for the sloping plot includes a house on three levels including a basement, piched roof & outdoor pool.

The main concerns of bioclimatic design are:
- The layout of the imediate environment including the gardens and the use of water on the south of the house in order to form the outdoors requiered microclimate conditions

- Restriction of openings to a minimum on all sides except the south
- Organization of the areas around the patio / greenhouse for the exploitation of this passive heating system
- Shading of southern openings and open summer living spaces (verandas) with pergolas
- Natural light
- Natural ventilation and night cooling


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