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Cob workshop

Supervision:  Mary Skouloudi

Year: 2018

Location: Athens


Natural building methods is a term that describes construction methods using natural, local, carefully selected and/or recycled materials, simple tools and techniques. 
In almost all places, nature provides us with the building materials we need. The transportation costs of these materials, both the economic and the environmental, are low.
Unlike the ecological building materials that need processing, the natural materials require little or no processing. Their use does not contribute to forest destruction, waste of mineral resources, pollution and does not depend on industrial materials and heavy machinery. The soil is non-toxic and completely recyclable." []

This two-day experiential workshop is for the persons who want to get close to and deepen their understanding of some of the building techniques with natural materials.
"In our time, an age of environmental degradation and awareness of the scarcity of natural resources and with the many hidden toxins in our buildings, doesn't it make more sense to return to more innocent, cheap and healthy building materials?" []

Who is it for: The programme is open to all those involved [students/graduates/professionals] or interested in the disciplines of architecture, natural building techniques, ecology and sustainable development.

Content and attendance: The full programme has a total duration of 14 hours spread over two consecutive days (7hours/day).

The seminar is based on an interactive teaching/learning structure, which allows for an experiential approach to natural materials and building methods. It starts with a presentation of the methods as well as the philosophy of natural building through built examples. Participants will then build, with guidance, 'sections' of different types of masonry with natural materials which will be prepared on site. The aim is to gain knowledge through the immediacy of the experience of construction on a 1:1 scale.

Speaker: Kostas Kontomanos (COB group,
Coordination: Mary Skouludi, Environmental and Energy Planning, Faculty of Architecture

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