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Architectural Competition Entry- Ingle Nest 

Dormitories extension

Anatolia College, Thessaloniki 


Location: Anatolia College Campus, Thessaloniki  

Client: American Farm School, Thessaloniki

Design Team: Efi Karioti, Mary Skouloudi, Architects

Assistants : Mary Matsouki, Chrysa Chatziralli, Architects

3d Images: Neli Samara, Digital Architecture

Structural Engineers: STATIKA .GR

Electromechanical Engineering: V. Argyropoulos

The new extension forms a volume adjacent to the existing Ingle Hall complex on the east side. The proposal respects the Anatolia College campus architecture aesthetics characterized by compact buildings with tiled roofs. Adopting the archetypical form of the simple pitched roof house is a clear statement of the buildings' identity as a student residence.

Connection between the existing and new extension is through the glass clad staircase and main entrance volume. Its main facade overlooks a small garden on the north side of the available area.

Ingle Hall overlooks Moustakli Str. which runs approx. 5m higher from the new extension ground floor. This condition allows strollers along Moustakli Str. to view the whole of building, roof and facades alike. This observation led tο  an integraded design proposal for the building's facades and roof including the application of the roof material on the facade as well.  Zinc cladding is combined with fibreboard industrially finished panels on roof and facades.  

The interior organisation of the proposal is simple with the dorms arranged around a two storey height, roof lit central common room. Seating areas, free standing  kitchenettes with tables available for snacks, reading nooks are all situated in the common area of each floor.  The new extension has a steel frame to span the existing one storey existing building that will be incorporated in the ground floor, housing the kitchen and utilities rooms. Steel frame construction guarantees more efficient, quicker construction timelines and less nuisance for the rest of the residential premises.

The new extension is named Ingle Nest, giving it a distinct character as the new residence ward in the multifunctional Ingle Hall . 




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